Custom Accessories

Our EQS program is designed to make custom orders that much Easier, Quicker and Simpler. The EQS program offers unique, pre-designed styles, various price points, unique decoration options, readily available samples and free virtual specs. The who, what, why, when, where and how are listed on the following pages to better explain why you should use Fits Accessories EQS for your next custom cap order.

WHY…choose Fits Accessories EQS

The best way to make your brand stand out from all the rest is with something unique! Fits Accessories EQS allows you to accomplish this by offering:

  • Outstanding design concepts
  • Limitless decoration options
  • Customized colour combinations
  • Multiple price point options
  • Standardized terminologies to simplify communication
  • Readily available concept samples
  • Free virtual graphic spec
  • Free sample*

WHAT…is the process

At Fits Accessories we want to make things SIMPLE. We have created our own worksheet that truly simplifies the process into 4 easy steps:

  1. Complete the Fits Accessories EQS worksheet
  2. Approve the virtual graphic spec
  3. Approve the pre-production sample
  4. Production & Delivery

That’s it, that’s all…we take care of the rest to make sure that you receive the absolute best product for your brand.

The Fits Accessories EQS worksheet:

Using our specially designed Fits Accessories EQS Worksheet, you can easily create your own custom cap. *contact a Fits Accessories representative for a copy of the worksheet.

The EQS Worksheet requires the following information:

  • Section 1: Customer info
  • Section 2: Select EQS style – indicate the EQS concept sample to follow
  • Section 3: Select the fabric
  • Section 4: Select the lining
  • Section 5: Select the peak
  • Section 6: Select the strap
  • Section 7: Indicate the logo details (location, type of deco, and size)
  • Section 8: Select the colours

The CP underpeak sticker is used to cross reference details to the EQS worksheet.

What is the difference between Fits Accessories and Fits Accessories Premium

Fits Accessories is unique in offering clients the ability to upgrade their headwear styles to the Fits Accessories Premium option. Our PREMIUM styles are made in separate facilities that have the highest degree of workmanship skills and training, uses superior equipment in the manufacturing process, work with the best and most thoroughly detailed quality control procedures. The best analogy would be to compare a LEXUS to a TOYOTA.


WHEN…will it arrive

We recognize the importance of time! However, the amount of time it takes to receive your Fits Accessories EQS products depends on a number of factors including: type of artwork provided, how complicated the concept is, the decoration technique selected, season production issues and even transportation and governmental regulation. Our extensive experience in design and development allows us to minimize these factors and ensure a more controlled production process.

For ideas on how to make the process as easy as possible, check out our Tips & Tricks on the next page.

Production Timeline

Completed EQS Worksheet AND artwork provided

Virtual graphic created                                          2-4 days

Customer approval of virtual graphic

Pre-production sample                                       14-28 days

Customer approval of sample

Production of order                                            30-40 days

Transportation of completed order

Air                                                                         7 days

Ocean                                                              30-35 days

WHERE…can we ship

We can deliver your Fits Accessories EQS products to any commercial location worldwide, we can partial ship, we can drop ship, we can even “stock-and-hold” merchandise for you that you can draw against over a period of time.* Our goal is to deliver your products where you need them.

*contact a Fits Accessories representative for more details.

HOW…to get started

Here are the steps to follow to get started on developing your own Fits Accessories EQS product.

  • Contact your local promotional products distributor (our supplier reference numbers are below).
  • Review the many different Fits Accessories EQS sample concepts.
  • Complete the Fits Accessories EQS worksheet…remember you can mix and match fabrics, decoration options, straps, peak trims, and the like.
  • Approve the virtual graphic spec that will be sent to you via email.
  • Approve the pre-production sample

…and now you’re done! Sit back, relax and enjoy the Fits Accessories EQS products once it arrives at your door.



                   When committing to custom orders, make sure you devote the time to approve graphics and samples quickly. Hours can make a different in ensuring your order arrives on or before your required date.


                   Try to get your logo(s) in a vectorized format. This means in Adobe Illustrator or similar program (with a .AI or .EPS extension to the file name). JPG is NOT a vectorized format. Also, try to know what your PMS (Pantone Matching System) colours are. This will greatly speed up the graphic design process


                   It is very helpful to know what you don’t want to do. “Do not use these colours”, or “our logo can not be less than ‘x’ size”, or “these two logos should always be stacked” and so on ensure the virtual graphic spec and samples are made to your specifications.


                   Once you’ve made your decision don’t change it. The custom process is like a snowball rolling down the mountain…it becomes increasingly difficult to change direction once it’s started. If you do change, then expect delays.


                   Premium vs. Standard

                   Unique fabrics exclusive to Fits Accessories Premium

                   Pricing guideline…Premium is approximately 30% more than standard.